CTM Publishing distinguishes itself as an international publisher operating in several areas. In the Benelux, it is the only independent having separate offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. This together with our Scandinavian office enables CTM Publishing to have direct contact with local partners and collection societies in those countries.

The basis of the music publishing company is formed by an innovative, solid and reliable accounting system (Counterpoint) that guarantees a global registration and collection of all works; this is always vital to any writers, as fundamentally important as A&R and creativity. Next to that, it is crucial to be proactive in the creative process of songwriting, matching the right songwriter to the artist, or finding the right artist for the song. This “hands on” personal interaction with our writers and clients create the real difference in publishing.

It is CTM Publishing’s choice to emphasize quality over quantity, and to be compact and selective creating an organic focus on contracting and

developing songwriting talent on the one hand, and building quality catalogs on the other. Popular copyrights and the development of new talent through investments in money, time and energy create the balance within CTM Publishing. Next to that, a lot of effort and attention is put into developing outstanding relationships with relevant parties such as advertising agencies and TV companies to promote our clients’ music.

CTM Publishing also represents one of the world’s largest catalogs of music library: Imagem Production Music. It provides the ideal musical selections suitable for commercials, TV, radio and film. From classical to pop and jazz, there is music in every genre. Over 100,000 tracks are available on the website imagempm.com.

Independent yet global: The international scope of CTM Publishing is formed through a network of own companies and agents throughout the world, so that copyrights are adequately represented and managed on a worldwide scale.