CTM Production Music is the biggest independent production music library in Benelux. We have more than 500,000 tracks from every conceivable genre. We represent around 50 of the leading and well-known library labels from around the world, including 5Alarm, Sonoton, Boosey & Hawkes, Olé, Cavendish, Jingle Punks and our own Dennis Music label. 

We work together with creatives, producers, editors and advertising agencies to find the perfect track for all productions. With two highly advanced search systems, we are proud to offer more diversity and variety than any other library. Register here to download music for free. You only pay when you use the music.

Production music is specially composed music for use in audio visual productions, documentaries and commercials, and copyright is pre-cleared for all use. CTM has one clear ambition: to deliver the best that production music has to offer. We are happy to help you find the perfect music for your production!


This is an intuitive, powerful search engine, and has many
easy to use features such as tag clouds, audio similarity
search and excellent categorization.Widely considered
one of the best in the industry.


Next to our Sonofind Search engine we have our renewed
dedicated search engine with more of our exclusive
boutique labels, with over 200.000 unique songs
available, giving you a more unique music choice.
Easy to search and download, with fantastic
quality music. The CTM search engine
is powered by Harvest.

Can’t find what you are looking for? No problem, just contact us and we will help you to find the right music for your production.


Here are some of the recent productions that have used CTM Production Music tracks!



TV Commercial (1 year)                                                Cinema Commercial (1 year)
Benelux € 900,- per 30 seconds per track                      Benelux € 200,- per 30 seconds per track
Europe € 1200,- per 30 seconds per track                     Europe € 300,- per 30 seconds per track
World € 1800,- per 30 seconds per track                       World € 600,- per 30 seconds per track

Radio Commercial (1 year)                                          Cinema and commercial DVD
Benelux € 450,- per 30 seconds per track                      productions (in perpetuity)
Europe € 600,- per 30 seconds per track                       Europe € 60,-  per 30 seconds per track
World € 900,- per 30 seconds per track                         World € 100,- per 30 seconds per track

Company film (in pepetuity)
Europe € 50,- per 30 seconds per track
World € 100,- per 30 seconds per track

Internet commercial (1 year)
Benelux € 300,- per 30 seconds per track
Europe € 600,- per 30 seconds per track
World € 900,- per 30 seconds per track

For additional rates (such as low budget and educational use) download the complete rate card here or contact us.


If you have used production music, you need to complete a cue sheet for the licence and invoice. You can do this on Follow the four easy steps to fill in your music use. Once you have completed the form, we will send a confirmation email to you and to the publisher(s) of the track(s) used. You will then receive an invoice, after approval by CTM.

Are you having trouble completing the cue sheet? No problem, contact us and we will be happy to help you!