Plan C

Director/writer: Max Porcelijn
Cast: Ruben van der Meer, Rene van ‘t Hof, Ton Kas
DOP: Coen Stroeve
Gaffer: Willem van der Eerden
Sound design: Michaël Sauvage
Art director: Mares Tomassen
Casting director: Rebecca van Unen
Make-up: Robert Stouthamer
Styling: Lynn van Eck
Editor: Marc Bechtold
Music: Erik Jan Grob
Line producer: Bo Polak, Mendy Post
Producers: Sander Verdonk & Gertjan Langeland

Filled with sharp wit and boasting a first-rate cast, PLAN C is a dark comedy thriller that reveals human weakness through a smart and compelling plot.

Ronald Plasmeyer (Ruben Van Der Meer) is a small-time Amsterdam detective, struggling with financial problems because of his gambling habit. When Chinese crime boss Hao threatens Ronald’s ex-wife and son to get his money back, Ronald comes up with a plan that will solve all his problems.

Ronald enlists two petty criminals (Ton Kas & René Van ‘t Hof) to rob an illegal poker tournament he’s taking part in, providing him with a perfect alibi. Quick, simple and non-violent; the plan is foolproof… until people start getting killed. 

Max porcelijn – WRITER/DIRECTOR 

Max Porcelijn (1981) was born and raised in Amsterdam. It is there that he developed his love for film and for the people of his city. This love served Max as his inspiration for Plan C. Throughout the years, Max has familiarised with different aspects of the city and its inhabitants, among others the more obscure side of Amsterdam with its illegal poker tournaments. Like no other, Max recognizes the humor and tragedy in everyday life.Max graduated in 2006 from the Film Academy in Amsterdam with the praised graduation film The Deception, written and directed by himself. Just like Plan C, The Deception is a tragicomedy starring Ruben van der Meer. As a result of their fruitfull collaboration on The Deception, Max wrote Plan C with Ruben in mind as lead character. This character, Ronald Plasmeyer, is tailor made for Ruben and takes full advantage of Ruben’s talents as an actor.In the past couple of years Max has further developed his talent directing several video clips and television commercials among which for the BBC, Toyota, Dixons and the Dutch Film Festival. This has led to a refinement of his style that he put in practice for Plan C. Max is a young and talented director who has been shaping his professional career always motivated with Plan C. in the back of his mind.


The Invisible Men

Director: Yariv Mozer
Writer: Adam Rosner, Yariv Mozer
DOP: Shahar Reznik
Editor: Yasmine Novak
Composer: Wouter van Bemmel
Sound: Hugo Dijkstal
Producers: Yariv Mozer, Sander Verdonk, Gertjan Langeland, Adam Rosner, Hila Aviram
Co-producers: Roshanak Behesht Nedjad, Carine Ruszniewski

The film “The Invisible Men” tells the untold story of persecuted gay Palestinian men who have run away from their families and are now hiding illegally in Tel Aviv.

Their stories will be told through the film’s heroes: Louie, 32 years old, a gay Palestinian who has been hiding illegally in Tel Aviv for the past 8 years; Abdu, 24 years old, exposed as gay in Ramallah, accused of “espionage,” tortured by Palestinian security forces; Fares, 23, recently escaped to Tel Aviv from the West Bank. His fate remains to be determined. Louie’s story will be the main line of the film; Abdu and Fares’s stories will support Louie, clarifying and deepening the audience understanding of him.

Much has been said about the plight of homosexuals in the Muslim world, yet those stuck in the ghettos of the West Bank and suffers all the more. There, rumors about sexual identity travel fast—and rapidly turn threats into serious physical harm: if their families don’t find them first, the Palestinian secret service immediately accuses them of cooperating with the Israeli secret service (that does in fact exploit gay Palestinians). For that reason, these men have no choice but to escape illegally to Israel and to its most liberal city, Tel Aviv. But even there they must continue to live double lives. With no address, no passport or bank account, no real friends, no true lovers, Tel Aviv becomes their living prison. To suffocate them further, Israel criminalizes anyone who provides these illegal Palestinians with accommodation, employment, or transportation. 

Yariv Mozer – Director

Director and Producer, had graduated with distinction from Tel-Aviv University’s Film Department.

Mozer directed the short films: “Passiflora Waltz” (2003) and “Bed Stories” (2010), and the documentaries “My First War” (2008, Zdf Arte, Noga CH.8), winner of DocAviv special mention award, IDFA first appearance nominee and Winner of Toronto Jewish Film Festival and the TV documentary “Another Way, Noa & Mira Awad on the way to Eurovision 2009” for IBA’s Ch. 1. Mozer had also directed music videos among them “My Turn” for Israeli singer Yehonathan which got to the top of MTV’s Logo Channel’s chart. His films had been shown in festivals and TV channels worldwide.


Category: Short film
Director: Michaël Sewandono
Writer: Bastiaan Tichler
Cast: Issaka Sawadogo, David Steffen and Doa Pozam
DOP: Martijn van Broekhuizen N.S.C.
Editor: Jurriaan van Nimwegen
Composer: Ruben Samama
Styling: Sara Hakkenberg
Art direction: Ralf van Lanen
Producer: CTM LEV Pictures
Genre: Drama
Languages: Dutch and English 
Duration: 10 minutes

Matthew, a rejected African asylum seeker, is waiting in a deportation centre for his flight back, and sees the Iranian Arash with his daughter Parisa. When the desperate Arash starts a bloodbath, Matthew is unexpectedly given his freedom. But he is in turmoil, not knowing what is right. Every line you cross, you surrender a part of your soul.

Director: Michaël Sewandono

Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1979, Michaël graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy audio-visual arts department (VAV) in 2005. In 1999 he studied at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television de Cuba where he made several documentaries. Having worked on different projects as a graphic designer, on an organisational level and as an autonomous artist, his main focus is on film. Next to directing commercials for Czar he’s currently working his first feature film.


Category: Short film
Directors: Lars Damoiseaux & Frederik Palmaers
Writers: Michael Palmaers & Lars Damoiseaux
DOP: Daan Nieuwenhuijs
Computer graphics: Frederik Palmaers & Michael Palmaers
Composer: Joris Oonk
Sound design: Lars Damoiseaux     
Editors: Arno Willemstein & Warnier Posta       
Producer: CTM Pictures
Genre: Animation
Duration: 2 minutes

The circle of life: a mantis gets eaten by a frog. The frog is swallowed by a stork, which in turn is eaten by a crocodile just before he gets shot by a hunter…


Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market:
Best Short Animation – runner-up
Audience Award: Best Short Animation – runner-up 
54th Ciné-Rencontres Film Festival:
Audience Award: Best Short Film 

17th short film festival of Fréjus:
Prix spécial de l’animation
Dam Short Film Festival
Audience Award – Best Animation

Festival Selection

Go Short – International Short Film Festival – The Netherlands
Holland Animation Film Festival – The Netherlands
13th Lanzarote International Short Film Festival – Spain
20th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film / Trickfest – Germany
Festival International des Très Courts – France
Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market – USA
7th Athens International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo – Greece
Annecy Film Festival – France
54th Ciné-Rencontres Film Festival – France
XX Capalbio Cinema ISFF – Italy
Anima Mundi 2013 – Brazil
29èmes Rencontres Cinéma de Gindou – France
Concorto Film Festival 2013 – Italy
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival – UK
Ottawa International Animation Festival – Canada
Nederlandse Film Festival 2013 – The Netherlands
8th Anim’est International Film Festival – Romania
Animatou 2013 – Switzerland
49th Chicago International Film Festival – USA
La Costa Film Festival – USA
Big Cartoon Festival – Russia
Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterhur – Switzerland
36th Starz Denver Film Festival – USA
Brest European Short Film Festival – France 

Lars Damoiseaux

Lars Damoiseaux is a Dutchman who moved to Antwerp. He’s a screenwriter and director of short films, music videos, commercials and video games. He has an original and dry sense of humor, talent for directing actors, a huge amount of technical knowledge and a powerful, dark visual style.

He’s part of the directors collective ‘Baron von Dingdong’ who are specialized in computer animations. Lars is also busy writing his feature film, ‘Paint it Black’, a cynical comedy about the art world.

Frederik Palmaers

Frederik Palmaers (1975) graduated at Sint-Lukas school of arts in Brussels as master in the audio-visual arts. 

After working for 5 years as an employee in the computer graphics sector he became freelancer, working on various commercials and projects. In 2011, he completed together with Michael Palmaers his first animated short ‘Nuru’ which received the first prize for animated short at Palm Springs Shortfest and Rhode Island Film Festival. The film was also selected for more than 30 festivals including Clermont-Ferrand Festival du Court Métrage.