Category: One Night Stand
Director: Klaartje Quirijns
Writer: Jaap Peter Enderlé 
Producer: CTM Pictures
Genre: Drama
Language: Dutch
Duration: 50 minutes
Co-produced by: NTR, VARA & VPRO

Businessman Sweder Speelman leads a successful life with his wife Cecile, a celebrated concert pianist. When his momentum is slowed down by small events, his autopilot seems to start failing. The world around him seems to exclude him more and more making him a spectator of his own life. When he follows a cat into an empty house, he is rewarded with a secret view of his own villa and Cecile. Sweder decides to disappear to see how Cecile responds to his absence. As Sweder obsessively observes his wife he slowly loses touch with himself and reality.

Director: Klaartje Quirijns

Klaartje Quirijns has directed many documentaries, including Anton Corbijn Inside Out, Peace vs. Justice, The Brooklyn Connection and The Dictator Hunter. Speelman is her first fiction film. After studying law, Klaartje Quirijns worked as a director at the NPS and the VPRO. Klaartje lived for ten years in New York where she worked on documentaries and made a video installation made for the Kunsthal. She currently lives in London. Anton Corbijn Inside Out is a portrait of the internationally successful photographer and director who she followed the world over for a period of four years the world over. The documentary won the Prix Italia. Her film The Dictator Hunter premiered at the Toronto film Festival in 2007, was nominated for the European Film Awards and won several other awards.