Road Duster

Category: Feature film
Director: Erik de Bruyn
Writer: Jan Eilander
Producer: CTM Pictures
Co-producer: CZAR (BE)
Adaptation: "J. Kessels: The Novel" by P.F. Thomése
Genre: Black Comedy
Languages: Dutch and German
Duration: 90 minutes
Distributor: September Film

FRANS, a crime novelist, is finishing the opening line of his new bestseller – “It all started with one of those telephone calls that you hope you won’t receive” – when his phone starts to ring annoyingly in his study. Frans answers… and the film gehts los!

ROAD DUSTER is both a hilarious road movie and a bittersweet trip down memory lane, a crazy ride in a flame-adorned Plymouth Gold Duster from provincial Holland to Hamburg’s Reeperbahn and back. And a hallucinatory trip through the mind of an author, who no longer knows if his novel is a product of his own imagination, or if he is actually living it.

The lead character is Kessels, a chain smoking tough guy with a heart of gold. Kessels and Frans are ageing youngsters who like nothing better than to consume nicotine, beer and country & western music. However, in Frans’ novels Kessels and he are fearless crime fighters: heroes even, but the world around them is unaware of it. Heroes who create a flurry of misunderstanding at every step.

Frans accepts the assignment for Kessels and him to kidnap a philandering criminal in Hamburg and return him to his wife, because the caller is the younger brother of BB, or Brigitte, once the focus of little Frans’ prepubescent sexual dreams and awakening. Frans expects that, after thirty-five years, the trip will finally drive him into the arms of his childhood fantasy.

Well, the missing person case doesn’t have much to it, but what do the two heroes not encounter along the way? Steaming tarmac, burning rubber and J. Kessels’ Plymouth Gold Duster.

Booze and nicotine binges. Deafening country & western. Totenköpfe. Reeperbahn porn vs. courtly love. Flying Burritos. Prostitutes. A Turkish pimp who quickly becomes a bothersome corpse in the trunk of Kessels’ car. Rebellious characters – even Kessels goes on the run with Frans’ ingeniously constructed plot. And then Frans has yet to meet BB, who is also – a small oversight of Frans’ – pushing 50…

Director – Erik de Bruyn

Erik de Bruyn’s first feature Wild Mussels was the opening film at the Dutch Film Festival 2000. Nominated for Best Script and Best Actor, it received the Dutch Film Critics Award of Best Film, the Russian Film Critic Award and the Youth Award for Best Film.  He is also known for Nadine and The President. He also directed several short films such as, The Witness, which was nominated Best Short Golden Calf 2006 and winner of the Best Short Film Award of the Italian Republic, IFF Montecatini.

Writer – Jan Eilander

Several film and television productions in which he participated as writer have won prices. Rock & Roll Junkie, Hartverscheurend, André Hazes-Zij gelooft In Mij, In Krakende Welstand – won prices at (inter)national film festivals. And in 2006 he won a Golden Calf for Katia’s Sister.