Dames 4

Category: Telefilm
Director: Maurice Trouwborst
Writer: Lotte Tabbers
Producer: CTM Pictures
Genre: Comedy
Language: Dutch

The immature Wyne (32) starts a football team to rebel against all her friends who’s lives have become dull and boring since either giving birth or becoming pregnant. However, she threatens to lose everything through unexpected events.

Director Maurice Trouwborst

Maurice Trouwborst graduated in 2006 as director at the Utrecht School of Arts. His graduation film Jef a fictional, absurdist tale about the Dutch soap actor Bartho Braat won three awards. After this, he directed several short films including Urfeld for One Night Stand, Stalker and the viral A Merry Hunt. In addition, he directed a documentary series about the Black Cross for the VPRO and music videos for artists like De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. He currently writes and directs for the TV program Villa Achterwerk, is working on a documentary about the League against Swearing and directs commercials at production house Cake.