Across The Street

Category: short film
Director: Wouter Stoter
Writer: Gerry de Hoogh
Producers:  Sander Verdonk & Trent
Executive Producer: Marius van der Weerd
D.O.P.: Adam Fillenz
Gaffer: Zen Bloot
Art Director: Anneloes Uijen de Kleijn
Sound: Tim van Peppen – Richard Wilder – Stefan Meutstege
Styling: Gabrielle De Gersigny
Make-up: Robert Stouthamer
Editor: Wouter van Luijn

A restrained drama, about Moos (33), who is extremely excited when she unexpectedly receives an invite for the party of the new neighbours Suzanne (42) and Ralf (60). Her husband Berend (37) reluctantly joins her even though he is tired from work.

The party however is nothing like she expected. They witness the escalating tension in their neighbor’s marriage, and a strained mood fills the big, white, empty apartment. To make matters worse Berend seems to fall for Suzanne’s charms and that while Moos’s nipples start leaking as she hears the baby crying over the baby phone.

But the desperate situation is a wake up call for Moos. At the pinnacle of the miserable evening Moos decides to take matters into her own hands. The party is ruined, but she can still save her own relationship. Silently the two leave their neighbours and as they walk back home she knows Berend sees her as the woman he loves.

Director – Wouter Stoter

Wouter graduated in graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He worked as graphic designer for a few years and directed several leaders and music videos. In 2007 he joined Comrad and began directing commercials. He loves concept driven scripts with a visual and personal approach. Wouter was featured in ‘Shots December 2008′.