Sunset From a Rooftop

Category: Short Film
Director & writer: Marinus Groothof
DOP: Marc de Meijer
Editor: Brian Ent
Composer: Arno Tijnagel
Producers: Sander Verdonk & Gertjan Langeland
Genre: Drama
Language: Dutch 
Duration: 10 minutes

Festival selection:

  • Cineglobe Geneve 2010
  • Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage
  • Brussel Short FF
  • Festival D’Aubagne
  • Sao Paulo Short Film Festival
  • Festival Mas Sorrer
  • Molise Cinema
  • Festival de Contis
  • Festival Paris Courts Devant Paris
  • Almeria en corto
  • St Kilda Film Festival Melbourne Australia
  • Festival Balkan Trafik
  • European Film Festival of Lille
  • Braunschweig International Film Festival
  • kurzfilm freunde Koln
  • Leuven Short filmfestival
  • Bolzano Film Festival
  • Dutch Film Festival


  • Nederlands Film Festival - Best short film

Ivana, a Serbian girl in her early twenties, prepares for a night out. The every-day routine becomes something different when seen at the time the sunsets over Belgrade during the NAVO bombings. Her friend Shekki dashes into her room and congratulate Ivana with her pregnancy.

Together they decide to tell Ivana’s friend Matej when they go to the party he is having, on the roof of his apartment, that night. On their way they meet Sloba, who looks rather subdued because that afternoon he had to act as a living shield to prevent a bridge from destruction and Nikola with whom they arrange to go to the latest techno club later that night.

At the party Matej appears to be in a bad mood. So without telling him the good news, she heads for the rooftop where Shekki joins her and together they look out over Belgrade by night. When Matej comes up on the rooftop to apologize the air-defense alarm goes of. Ivana decides that it is not the right time to tell the good news and together with Shekki and Matej she wants to enjoy this special moment in her life.

Marinus Groothof

Marinus developed an early interest for photography and at the age of 14 he earned himself the money to buy his first camera. In the years before he was accepted to the Film Academy in Amsterdam, Groothof, besides being active in photography, began writing stories. In 2004 he graduated in Camera and Lighting. After the Film Academy Groothof could no longer suppress his true passion: writing and directing films. Since then he has made several short films.