Naarden, September 9th 2019 - As of today, Amber Delil will be the permanent co-host, alongside Joey van der Velden, on the SLAM! morning show. With this dynamic duo, the radio station wants to create even more interaction with their listeners. The music filled morning show is now called ‘Early Birds.’

SLAM! is approachable, energetic, leading, controversial and free. All of these aspects come together in the new morning show. The listener will start their workday with a fresh view on what’s happening in the world today, hot topics and especially a lot of music of course. With her passion for music, Amber Delil is a great addition to the Early Birds morning team.

Joey van der Velden, who has been presenting the SLAM! Morning show since the beginning of this year, already had some test runs with Amber the past couple weeks. He tells; “I am very happy that I can present the morning show together with Amber now. She is a real addition to the team and the chemistry between us is good. She’s not afraid of anything, super funny, has a dry sense of humor and she can also sing. What else would you want in the early morning? Coffee! And she can make that too!".

 Amber Delil “It is really fun to do this morning show! I already did some test runs a few mornings this summer and it went quite naturally. Joey and I complement each other well and most importantly have a lot of fun together.

Early Birds with Joey van der Velden and Amber Delil can be heard on SLAM! every Monday to Thursday between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.