Britt Scholte & Urvin Monte are joining the cast of popular Dutch TV-show ‘Dance Dance Dance’

This fall you can enjoy the spectacular dance moves of the fourth season of ‘Dance Dance Dance’. Five new famous dutch duos will work up a sweat to make sure they will win this contest. The famous people competing are Bridget Maasland and her good friend and actor Jelle de Jong. Lovebirds Holly Mae Brood & Soy Kroon, former GTST-colleagues Britt Scholte & Urvin Monte, presenter Marlayne Sahupala and presenter/actor Patrick Martens and cooking buddies Miljuschka Witzenhausen and London Loy.

The couples are starting this long and difficult training period that goes hand in hand with participating on this show. Every couple with only have one goal in mind: making a good impression with their dance performances, where a tv studio with groundbreaking technical and visual features will make sure the viewer will experience a new dimension. Hard work on the dancefloor pays off. Every participating couple earns an amount of 25.000 euro for a charity chosen by them self. The winning duo will win an amount of no less than 100.000 euro to donate to their charity.


Dance Dance DanceDEF 2018 .jpg