CTM Publishing signs worldwide publishing deal with Canadian writer and producer Conro

CTM is proud to announce that we have signed a worldwide publishing deal with Canadian artist and producer Conor Patton, p.k.a. Conro. Conor has had several successful releases on Monstercat, Ultra Music, Revealed Records and has done remixes for the likes of Afrojack, Fais and Mr Probz. To give more insights in Conro's career, we have done a small interview with him. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 
My name is Conor Patton, and my artist name is Conro. I am 26, born and raised in Canada. I moved a lot when I was younger so it made sense at the early age to be homeschooled. With that, I had lots of free time to invest into my music. Learning lots of instruments (guitar. piano, violin) Later, I fell in love with Electronic music while still heavily involved with my alternative indie rock band. I set aside my band to fully put my energy into writing Electronic music. As time continues I integrate all those aspects into my music now, which has shaped and developed my own signature sound. I continue to grow and learn with each new song and look forward to what I will make next.

When did you start making music?
I started getting involved in music when I was around 7, being forced to play the violin. But in time, that dislike for the violin turned into appreciation for all types of music. In high school I was really inspired by the guitar skills of John Mayer, he was inspiring for me and my song writing. I also really admire Kings of Leon. They shaped a lot of my music writing early on.

What do you have lined up for us in 2017?
Lots happening this year! An EP with Monstercat, Remix for Martin Solvieg, and Gigs around the world! This year is the busiest yet, and doesn't look like I'll be slowing down any time soon. 

If you could choose one artist to write with, who would it be, and why?
I have so many artists I would love to work with, but I guess right now in this moment I think working with Grey would be really great. I really think their production skills are next level insanity. Think we could make something really cool.

What are your ambitions?
I just want to keep focusing on writing great music and see who all resonates with it. I would like to have some big songs on the radio being played out world wide. Also to have the opportunity to meet and work with other great writers that I've admired over the years. I think this is all possible, I just want to write music until I die. 

Last but not least, why did you choose to work with us?
I really connected the team at CTM. It was a quick and effortless friendship. Both CTM and me sharing the same vision for my project is the what really sold it for me. Excited to see where we can make this go!

Please check out Conro's full biography here, and have a listen to his music on Spotify here.