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In early 2014, Idaly and the veteran producer Reverse released the song 'Wallet'. He also appeared on tracks by Bokoesam, Jonna Fraser, Dio, Cho and worked with Sevn and Willie Wartaal.

At the beginning of 2015 Idaly went to the Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog to record the album New Wave. He can be heard on High / Low, No Go Zone and Goonies & Hoolies. With the collective, Idaly appeared at Appelsap and Lowlands festivals and won the Popprijs and several Edison awards.

Idaly: "I think I have really grown in the last two years. From a rapper, to an artist. I can now produce for myself and know how to put a song together, instead of just writing a fresh one. I have trained for a long time and have spent a lot of time in my music. Now I feel I am ready to go solo. "