Willem de Bruin

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While Big2 was busy with production, Willem started working at TMF in 2008, He hosted many programmes such as ‘Willy de Stad Uit’ and ‘Kijk Dit Nou!’. In the same year ‘Op Volle Toeren Mixtape’ was released.

But small boys grow up. After the success of 'Begin Twintig', both members of The Opposites split their time in 2010 and worked on the double CDs 'Succes' (Willem) and 'Ik Ben Twan' (Big2). Initially Willem went to work as a solo artist because Big2 was on holiday. He popped into the studio and produced the entire Kempe album 'Du Son': SoundG8. The first sessions were really good and others followed. After a short time the album ‘success’ was released.

The Opposites still exist, but Willem has proven that he can also be a great solo artist.