Rina Mushonga

Rina Banner.png

Rina Mushonga (1979) has a totally new sound, but you will get it immediately.  The Zimbabwean Dutch singer knows how to captivate you with intriguing, warm sounds and intelligent lyrics. A sound that goes from intimate and subdued to grand and exciting. She exposes her soul and transcends the singer-songwriter genre.

Her musical journey around the world has formed the basis for her beautiful and sensitive sound. She has performed at the urban pop venues Patronaat (Haarlem), Paradiso and Melkweg (Amsterdam), did shows in Antwerp and London and played live on various radio programs.

DJ Giel Beelen said live on 3FM: "Remember this name!" She was also invited to perform on the TV show ‘De Wield Draait Door’. In the show, she played an acoustic version of her song All My Ships.

Rina has performed her music at many festivals and her debut album was released in 2013,  produced by British producer Chris Bond (known for working with Ben Howard). On this album you can hear the influences of musicians such as Paul Simon, Bon Iver, The National, Nina Simone, Fleetwood Mac and Joan Armatrading, but also by writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Jack Kerouac. Two other releases followed in 2014 and 2016.

It is a fascinating mix of indie, pop, folk and prog-rock, and supported by the amazing guitars and rousing rhythms of her band. She conquers the hearts of the audience live with her beautiful sound.