At CTM Music & Management everything evolves around intensive personal coaching, support of talents and celebrities, and creating and developing long-term artist careers. In collaboration with the most valued partners, both nationally and internationally, the best marketing and management campaign for every single artist is strategized in full. One of the basic principles for creating success is to maintain a solid network in the media and entertainment industry. This enables CTM Music & Management to stand out from the competition in achieving maximum results for its artists. CTM Music & Management continually re-invests in the development of its artists’ careers; this is an intensive approach that demands a lot of time, money and energy. CTM Music & Management chooses to be selective and will always opt for long-term career development, rather than volume, since the real distinction is in fact made by quality and not quantity.


Jan Smit and Volendam Music founded record Label VoSound Records in the spring of 2012. After finishing his new record ‘Vrienden’, Smit decided it should be the first release on their brand new label, partnering up with Heartselling to take on music distribution. Vosound Records’ first achievement was simultaneously their first #1 hit in the Dutch Singles Charts with Echte Vrienden (a duet with Gerard Joling). The album Vrienden kept powering through and consequently reached #1 in the Dutch Album Charts, respectively the label’s second achievement. Later that year the young label also received a platinum award for selling more than 50,000 copies of the album Vrienden. These events combined make it the most successful launch of a record label ever, globally. This milestone was followed by Jan Smit’s releases of De Rockfield Sessies and the successful album Jij en Ik. Currently artists such as Jan & Anny and George Baker have joined the VoSound family. George Baker released the album Seventy on VoSound in honour of his 70th birthday, while Smit teamed up with his sister Monique Smit and created the 2 Kleine Kleutertjes project, which also became a huge success. VoSound Record’s latest addition is young and talented singer Henk Dissel, who is currently working hard on his upcoming debut album.


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