CTM operates in the industries of music publishing, artist management, digital distribution as well as in the fields of music, TV, film and events production.

What stands out in all these various activities is our drive to build, manage and successfully exploit a rights portfolio in the areas of media and entertainment. To do this, we develop and produce our own TV formats and film production; discover musical talent and develop long-term careers; and acquire catalogs for our music publishing activities. We do all of this with an outstanding and passionate team that wants to be successful.

We want to “make the difference” in all activities that we develop as a media and entertainment company. Our drive combines entrepreneurship with company-wide commitment and passion. Through this approach, we make the difference by steering the creative processes and successfully exploiting intellectual property in the creative fields of music, film, television and internet.

Creation and acquisition of intellectual property are at the heart of our daily activities. The difference is 

made through our dedication, and enthusiasm. And also through our network of relationships with our media partners, industry associations, composers, performers, producers and directors, and through our thorough accounting systems and international reach.

CTM has chosen to focus on those activities where we excel. We usually operate from a local base, but with the world as a potential market. Flexible, transparent, accessible and reliable, we have a small organization’s efficiency yet operate with the strength of a global brand thanks to our international offices and network.

Also due to CTM’s company synergy within the various divisions it is making the difference. The daily goal for every single CTM-professional is simple: every single success matters. Whether it is big or small, personal or corporate, national or international – it matters, and it is making the difference.

Origin and focus

CTM Entertainment finds its origin in Bob Hubar and Denis Wigman's film production company Movie Masters and André de Raaff's entertainment company Corbeau Entertainment.

The acquisition and creation of intellectual property rights, and working in the creative and digital sector are the core activities of CTM: everything revolves around the realization of creative concepts and the acquisition of rights in the field of music, TV and film.

From the start, CTM has focused on television and film production on the one hand, and CD’s/DVD’s and music publishing on the other. Meanwhile, our focus in the music industry itself has shifted to management and music publishingThe emphasis within CTM Music & Management is on long-term guidance of artists, and the creation, production and management of their associated music content.

CTM Publishing is one of the leading European independent music publishers, with its own offices in several European countries. CTM Publishing is also the exclusive manager and (minority) shareholder, together with the Dutch pension fund ABP, of the Imagem Music Group.

Alongside its commitment to music, CTM is also focused on expanding its portfolio in the field of TV production. A big step was taken towards this goal with the arrival of producer Nada van Nie. With successful television productions presented in both the commercial and public broadcasting sectors, the philosophy is aimed at the expansion of developing and producing TV formats. The goal is to produce long-term series specializing in human interest, that can be exploited on both a national as well as an international level.

The company’s focus on the film industry was established by Denis Wigman and the late Bob Hubar, and continues to thrive today with CTM Pictures, formed by the merger in 2012 of CTM Films and LEV Pictures. This new entity is committed to the 

development and production of short films, feature films and high concept documentaries; collaborating with a strong group of directors and artists; and striving for a wide audience through a creative, professional and independent attitude. That is the main objective of CTM Pictures with creative development, financing, production and exploitation as its core activities. At times operating independently, and at others in cooperation with appropriate partners, but always with the objective of acquisition of rights.

CTM Digital is the newest CTM division, run by ex-iTunes executive Andy Docherty. CTM Digital distributes and manages IP-rights globally.

André de Raaff (CEO)

André de Raaff (1953) began his career as Creative Manager of music publishing company Warner-Basart (the Dutch branch of Time Warner) in 1971, promoted to Managing Director in 1978. From 1990 to 1999 de Raaff was President/CEO of Europe’s largest independent record company and music publisher, Arcade. 

In 1999, de Raaff was responsible for the merger of Arcade with the leading Dutch independent publisher Strengholt, resulting in one of Europe’s largest independent music publishers. Simultaneously, de Raaff became a member, and later chairman, of the Board of Directors of the Strengholt Group. 

In 2004, de Raaff joined forces with Denis Wigman and Bob Hubar to found CTM. (Hubar died in 2008.) In 2014 De Raaff was honored by the King of the Netherlands as “Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau”. Also, in 2014 André received the most important award for the Dutch entertainment industry: ‘De Veer’. De Raaff was board member of the mechanical and performance rights organisation Buma/Stemra and chairman of the Dutch Publishers Association. André was responsible for creating - together with Dutch pension fund ABP – the leading worldwide independent music publishing company Imagem, in the shortest time ever in history.


Jitze de Raaff (Managing Director)

Jitze de Raaff (1980) – while completing his studies in Commercial Economics – launched a limousine service in 2001, followed by initiatives in the field of entertainment websites and online webshops. Shortly afterwards, Jitze established an artist management firm before merging with the record label CTM Music & Management. In addition to this, Jitze heads the music publishing company CTM Publishing and is responsible for all music activities within CTM.