Category: Documentary
Writer/director: Lars Damoiseaux
Producers: Sander Verdonk & Jelani Isaacs
Language: Dutch

The supposedly lost footage of the reporter Dirk Simons, who disappeared in 2003 has been released by the justice department last year. Lars Damoiseaux edited the material to a bizarre and shocking documentary.

The recording follows the ups and downs of an apartment building and her residence in the north of Amsterdam. Everyone’s fortune and misfortune are being influenced by the lack of facilities in the building. The recording also gives us new and surprising insights in the mysterious disappearance of Dirk Simons. This recently lead to a reopening of the investigation by the Public Prosecutor (counsel for the prosecution). 

Director/Writer – Lars Damoiseaux

Lars Damoiseaux is a Dutchman who moved to Antwerp. He’s a screenwriter and director of short films, music videos, commercials and video games. He has an original and dry sense of humor, talent for directing actors, a huge amount of technical knowledge and a powerful, dark visual style.

He’s part of the directors collective ‘Baron von Dingdong’ who are specialized in computer animations. Lars is also busy writing his feature film, ‘Paint it Black’, a cynical comedy about the art world.