Addicted To Every Possibility

Category: Documentary
Writer/director: Moon Blaisse
Producer: Jules Debrocks (Pain Perdu Audiovisual Productions)
Co-producer: CTM Pictures
Language: Dutch
Duration: 70 minutes

In 2005, famous designer and architect Maarten van Severen dies. He left us with one of the most extraordinary collections of furniture and several exquisite architectural project but also 4 young sons who carry part of their father’s talent and personality. While we follow the boys’ steps towards a promising future, we reconstruct the tumultuous and tragical life of their father. When his sons get confronted with some of the same challenges and problems as their father, history seams to repeat itself. 

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Director/Writer – Moon Blaisse

Moon Blaisse studied film directing at the RITS, in Belgium. Her graduation film, ‘Misschien later’ (Maybe later), was a success. With this film she won a VAF wildcard, which she is using for the development of a short film. By a commissioned film for the Severen Foundation to the subject of the Chair .03, she came with the idea for the film; Addicted to every possibility, which was immediately received excited by architects and others.