Made in Iran

Category: Documentary
Director: Charlotte Scott-Wilson
Producer: CTM Docs

The young brothers Icy and Sot are on the streets of Tabriz, a city in Iran. It's night time;  In the darkness they make fast their controversial stencils on the walls of the city. With their work they lure attention to social issues and criticize Iranian politics. When they are invited to exhibit their artwork in New York, they have a chance to flee from the strict Iranian regime. The American dream is at hand; Ultimate freedom is in sight.

The colorful and perpetually fast pacing NY seems like a warm bath, but all too soon Icy and Sot face a reality check. Their manager gives them the choice; if they want to stay in New York; If they ask officially for political asylum; they can never go back to Iran.

While the brothers try to continue their work in NY, we recall memories of their homeland. To live this American dream, they have had to leave their family and friends. Leave the simple life, but also the stress of the Iranian government always having to look over their shoulders.

For Icy and Sot, fleeing from Iran has proved worthwhile. Their work now hangs on the white walls of a NY gallery. Wealthy Americans, who don’t know much about the brothers and their Iranian background, purchase their work. Politically engaged art is exciting.

All their goals have been achieved. But is their work of any meaning when its stuck on a tight white wall; instead of on the Iranian streets? How long are Icy and Sot tenable as artists in a city that seems addicted to new things? Was chasing a dream worth it now they can never return?

Made in Iran is a film about what happens when your dreams come true.

© 2015