In a world, where digital routes to market are constantly evolving and changing, CTM Digital was formed in 2014 to ensure the widest possible distribution of digital music, film, concert film or television content.

With years of experience in both traditional and digital content distribution, sales and marketing, CTM Digital’s goal is to offer a transparent, effective global route for content owners to maximise revenue from their IP.

CTM Digital’s global distribution network of over 200 platforms in nearly 200 countries, includes the world’s largest premium digital services such as iTunes, Google, Amazon, Deezer and Spotify, as well as premium streaming services such as Xbox, Netflix and You Tube and Vodafone.

Through the development of proprietary technology tools, producers, distributors and content owners can retain control of their content, while also tracking global sales on a continual, daily basis across the biggest digital platforms.  

CTM Digital has unique relationships within the digital retail stores, which allow us to ensure our partners’ offering does not get lost in the wealth of available content. In short, it allows us to focus on

ensuring content has the best possible chance of being the next big digital hit and delivering on every single piece of content’s commercial potential.

When it comes to digital content and distribution, one size does not fit all and we are proud of our collaborative approach that allows us to work closer with our partners to help them achieve their digital objectives, through innovative release and sales and marketing strategies.