Arie Storm

Composer, guitarist and producer Arie Storm was born on the 15th of November 1979 in the Dutch town of Zoetermeer. He picks up the guitar at the age of 10 and he hasn’t stopped playing since. Arie graduates at the Rotterdam Conservatoire in 2002 and consequently goes on national and international tours with various artists. Arie has played session guitar for a number of Dutch acts such as Boris (Bo-Saris), Glennis Grace, Pop Idol, Edsilia Rombley, Jan Smit and is currently touring with Dutch rock superstar Anouk and singer-songwriter Magriet Sjoerdsma. Internationally Arie has toured with Celine Dion, Marc Broussard, Nile Rodgers (CHIC), Michael McDonald (The Doobie Brothers), Lionel Richie, NOTP and many more. Arie’s guitar skills are also in popular demand in the studio. Arie has been teaching guitar at the Haarlem Conservatoire since 2006.

In 2013 Arie Storm signs a composer agreement with CTM Publishing. In Stormy Weather Studio he writes and produces music for a high variety of projects. Aries writes songs for artists such as Glennis Grace, Do, Jim Bakkum, Margriet Sjoerdsma, Wolter Kroes, Rogier Pelgrim and the Bandits(BE). Aries also composes for the Edison Awards, de BOVAG TV and radio adverts, Carbonell TV and radio adverts and the leader for Dutch children’s TV show ‘Met De Billen Bloot’ on NPO3. Furthermore, Arie wrote the single ‘Angels X Demons’ for successful DJ Julian Jordan en also lend his voice for this particular track. The YouTube video of the single reached more than 2 million views within a matter of weeks.

Arie has a very broad taste in music and his compositions and productions are proof of that. From country to dance, pop to rock, Arie is not limited to one particular style and could be considered a jack-of-all-trades.